Very welcome to the tax consulting firm Blume und Christen Partnerschaft mbB.

Would you like to move your company to Germany, establish a branch here or acquire a German company? Then you are right with us! As the first and currently exclusive IR Global member in Germany, we advise foreign and partly internationally active companies on all aspects of local tax and accounting - including income tax, value added tax, trade tax and inheritance tax. We pay particular attention to personal service and absolute adherence to deadlines. 

We also offer additional services to companies,

  • to carry out a detailed analysis of their economic environment,
  • to help with corporate governance issues,
  • to prompt changes in the company in good time, if we believe they are necessary
  • to warn at an early stage if there are any undesirable developments.

Trust in our many years of know-how as a tax consultancy firm with more than 15 employees.